Tips for Long-Term Success with Exercise

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Protect your heart with consistent, committed exercise.

Without exercise, even slender people become vulnerable to unhealthy conditions like diabetes or coronary heart disease. Here are top tips for maintaining motivation for the long haul.

Choose your own adventure. Try all sorts of activities until you find one you truly enjoy. Rock climbing, dancing or martial arts may make you eager – or at least willing – to sweat on a regular basis.

Enlist your calendar. If you've scheduled ahead, you'll never run out of time, nor feel guilty for skipping workouts. If you set a specific goal, such as running a 5K race, write increments on the calendar to motivate you.

Exercise is a family affair. If you spend your workout stressing about your child's homework, you won't enjoy yourself. Instead, take everyone outside for a walk or bike ride around the neighborhood. Doing things together will keep everyone motivated.

Dress right. Comfort and stability will see you through years of exercise. When it comes to footwear, choose shoes appropriate to your activity. The wrong ones can lead to foot, knee or back injury.

Don't max out. If you're too tired for necessary activities after exercise, you won't want to do it daily. The goal is to challenge yourself without scaring yourself off from future exercise.

Reward your successes. Take a moment each day to thank your body and heart for serving you well. If you reach goals you've set, give yourself a little prize. Avoid food as your treat or you might undo your hard work.

Consult your physician. Health changes from year to year. Checking in with your doctor ensures that you are performing the right activities at the right level.

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